Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the products on my face?

Unless stated otherwise on the product, our products were specifically designed for the skin on the body but are safe for the face. If you have sensitive or acne prone skin, we do not recommend the products for use on face.

Do any of the products lighten?

None of our products contain skin lightening or whitening ingredients. Some of the products do have natural brightening agents that will aid the skin in appearing brighter and healthier.

Do you have a men's line?

Yes, each of the products has a version that was designed for men. Still, almost all our products are enjoyed by both sexes as we endeavor to create products and scents that are not gender specific.

I have sensitive skin, might I react to any of the products?

Unless you have specific allergies, (nuts for example) our products are all natural and are safe for all skin types.

I have a specific skin condition. Can your products help?

We always recommend visiting a licensed dermatologist for any skin concerns. We create products for everyday use that help with general skin ailments such as dry skin and eczema. We are not a licensed dermatology and will not be able to diagnose or treat specific and severe skin issues dealing with acne, bleach damaged skin, hyperpigmentation, scarring etc.

Do you ship?

Yes we ship nation-wide and internationally